runhilda Berkle’s Bumpy Brown Barn

Volume One in the Brunhilda Berkle's Bumpy Brown Barn series, provides the reader with with a wonderful exposition of Brunhilda’s world, allowing us to see how she became a world traveler!

 Brunhilda Berkle's Bumpy Brown Barn provides an otherworldly base of operations for the fantastical globe sailing explorations of the irrepressible, ever buoyant Brunhilda Berkle and her exuberant, unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

  Brunhilda Berkle's Bumpy Brown Barn is an interactive, animated eBook series featuring the eccentric, energetic and inquisitive Brundhilda Berkle who travels the world discovering and always in search of creative solutions to life's perplexing challenges.  Along the way she encounters fascinating people, places and things which she documents in her interactive travel logs in the form of hand written journals designed for the reader to open and explore. Brunhilda is the main character full of positive affirmations in the form of  kindly advice rooted in her life's experience. Brunhilda is driven towards real-life inventions that solve real-world problems in renewable and sustainable ways. She has a particular talent for discovering solutions that are a win-win for everyone, where nobody has to compromise, and there is an outside the box solution that meets everyone's needs.

Her excitement at finding just the right solution inspires her to document her travels in journals, which are then delivered via special package delivery service to the reader.  Each package invites the reader to explore not only a new idea, but also a new place with internet links to interesting facts about each place Brunhilda visits.

   The series features a distinct steampunk aesthetic defined by the very colorful Brunhilda who is playfully in contrast with the dramatic silhouette characters.  Intensely colorful and magnificently detailed, each book provides hours of exploration and fun!

Completely narrated with 88 amazingly colorful pages filled with interactive widgets and 18 animated videos!