For iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, iPhone, iMac and MacBook.    Available on iTunes.

Innovative in its design, Brunhilda Berkle’s Bumpy Brown Barn

approaches interactive ebooks in a whole new way.  A unique blend of hand drawn illustrations and CGI, this interactive ebook has an unmistakable signature look and feel that gives the reader four unique interactive options for navigation!

1.)  There are eighteen HD animated video widgets packed with unimaginable


2.)  Fully narrated storyline widgets with colorful character voices

      that read the entire story to you!

3.)  Wonderfully vibrant sound effects widgets that utilize live recordings to           

       expand the book with additional storyline details.

4.)  And eclectic character conversation widgets providing unique personality

      profiles to the people, landscapes and storyline!

Engaging, approachable, and elaborately detailed, each page is unique in every element, allowing the reader to explore the book in a

truly different way every time!